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Which hyperconverged solution is right for you?

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Powerful IT infrastructure services don’t have to be complicated.

Hyperconvergence infrastructure is a game-changer, putting your entire virtualised IT infrastructure and advanced data services into one integrated powerhouse.

You can give developers the runway to rapidly deploy applications at cloud-like speed – to scale fast, without compromising performance – while drastically cutting capacity costs and simplifying storage and backup.

Are you in the process of evaluating hyperconverged solutions?

To help you navigate your options in the fastest-growing segment in IT, leading tech research institute TechTarget has compared and analysed different vendor products to see how they stack up.

Download the whitepaper to get quick, comprehensive insights into:

• Differences between converged and hyperconverged solutions
• Critical hyperconverged infrastructure features, functions, and benefits
• Key differences between Cisco, NetApp, Nutanix, and HPE SimpliVity


Simplifying IT

For IT leaders struggling to achieve the agility and economics of the cloud, with the control and governance of on-premises IT, HPE SimpliVity 380 delivers a powerhouse hyperconverged solution running some of the world’s most efficient and resilient data centres.

A market and customer satisfaction leader, the solution dramatically simplifies IT by combining all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualised workloads onto the bestselling server platform in the market.

Kick off your hyperconvergence journey today. Get in touch with one of our infrastructure experts and learn how your organisation can start benefitting from HPE SimpliVity.


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