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Prepare your infrastructure for the future of learning

Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Possibilities.

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The current legacy storage architectures were not built for the needs of today’s digital world. Given today’s pressures on IT departments, current storage models are simply unsustainable:

Scalable storage prepares infrastructure for the future of learning

HPE Scality is an object storage model that can help simplify storage management; scale seamlessly as user demands increase; better connect geographically dispersed research groups and offer security and data protection that staff, students and researchers can count on.

HE institutions can now refresh their infrastructure to truly prepare for the future. Even with limited budgets, time and manpower; Scality can transform student and staff outcome.

White Paper: Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Possibilities

Object-storage can help Higher Education HE institutions embrace new IT opportunities such as big data analytics and next-gen collaboration, while minimising costs and administrative burden. But with shrinking budgets and limited resources, is it really feasible for UK HE institutions to embark on this IT transformation?

In this white paper, we’ll explore the challenges facing IT departments in HE institutions, and show how using cost effective IT solutions HE institutions can turn any x86-based server into an object store with minimal cost and admin effort.

Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Possibilities


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