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HPE GreenLake

Consumption-based Infrastructure on your terms

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Consume outcomes & retain control with HPE GreenLake.

We live in a consumption-based world – music, TV shows, food shopping, flights and much more. Why? Because consuming services delivers a better outcome faster, in our personal lives and in business.

Pay-per-use IT outcomes are finally on-prem

HPE GreenLake delivers IT outcomes as a service, on-premise, whilst taking advantage of the benefits of public cloud. Meeting peak demand, it stops you wasting infrastructure when you don’t need it.

HPE GreenLake’s pioneering consumption-based IT model provides the right mix of Hybrid IT alongside a pay-per-use finance model, delivered by DTP and HPE to help your business’ infrastructure accelerate the business outcomes that you want.

HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake's agile pay-per-use model

HPE GreenLake helps your organisation:

  • Avoid IT expenses stemming from overprovisioning
  • Improve time to market by maintaining a safe buffer of capacity, ready for use when you need it
  • Keep capacity ahead of demand with regular monitoring – and a simple change order to replenish
  • Pay for only the capacity used, not the capacity deployed
  • Reduce IT risk with tailored support

Hybrid IT is within reach with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

Why choose between on-premise and on-demand IT when you can have both?

Download our white paper to learn how HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity combines the simplicity, agility, and economics of public cloud with the security and performance benefits of on-premise in a consumption-based pay-per-use model.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity White Paper

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity discovery workshop

Talk to us about a HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity discovery workshop, where DTP and HPE experts will scope out your requirements, align technology business needs and identify people, process and technology improvements.

Together, we’ll design your HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity experience.


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