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TEESSIDE UNIVERSITY case study - dtp group

Teesside University

Situated in Middlesbrough in the North East of England, Teesside University has been in existence for around 80 years and is now ranked as one of the country’s top universities. With around 2,300 staff, it caters for 10,000 full-time students and 18,000 part-timers.

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Over half a million pages are printed each month at Teesside University. To improve the student experience and achieve significant savings, they began to explore a new approach to print management that would allow them to efficiently charge students for the 300,000 pages used per month and to re-charge 250,000 staff prints back to the appropriate schools and departments.

The old Palms charging system was out-dated and became expensive and difficult to support. It required three separate devices, a PC, printer and copier, to function which often lead to lengthy queues.


By partnering with DTP Group, a Managed Print Services (MPS) and Document Management specialist and working closely with the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC), Teesside University were able to align available vendor technologies with their need for a reliable and quality solution.

HP Multifunction Printers (MFPs) most closely matched their business requirements and due to the ease of integration, a SafeCom charging and print management system was also incorporated.


As part of an ongoing management and support contract from DTP, Teesside have access to a fixed click charge for each page printed and quarterly rental of all devices. The Managed Print Services contract also includes software, consumables, maintenance and support with DTP remotely monitoring machines for fault and toner alerts using software tools.

Choosing a Managed Print Service from DTP provides Teesside with a number of business benefits including significant capital cost savings, reduced administration and simplified day-to-day management.


Janet Smith, Assistant Director of ICT systems at Teesside University comments, “As an organisation, we now have a better understanding of our print requirements and so we can build up a profile which enables us to audit usage and refine the deployment.”

Teesside has produced figures in the overall cost of print. Previously, it estimated that the cost of one page of print was five pence. With the new MPS system, that has been reduced to three pence which equates to a saving of £6,000 a month for student print alone. Applying the same savings to staff print means further savings of £5,000 a month, resulting in a total savings of £11,000 a month.

“Implementing this new system with HP MFP devices has improved the print service we offer to students with additional benefits such as scan to teeside university email and external email services, integral photocopying and reduced queues. In a recent print survey, student satisfaction had risen by 15%, a great reason to choose a DTP MFP based Managed Print & Copy Service,” concludes Smith.


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